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Guild Manifesto
Full Blown Raids is the result of several veterans of Feenix wanting to raid together again. We are predominately a US guild though all are welcome. We do intend on raiding seriously but also wish to remember that WoW is but a game. This is about having fun with friends and downing a few brewsbosses while doing so. We use an open bid DKP system and are dedicated to avoiding elitist pit falls that often affect guilds. Welcome friends, we look forward to raiding with you soon!
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Warsong 2.0

by Diddled, 212 days ago

Hey All,


Long time no see. So with the reset of Warsong Dosc and I are calling for a revival of FBR, any interested members find us in game, as Diddled and Dosc, once again leading the US charge on Warsong.




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What I've been up too...

by Dosc, 274 days ago

Hey Ya'll!



It's been a while… feels like ages since we were slaying ancient evil in the halls of Naxx. The more time goes by, the more I talk about FBR to others, the more I keep searching for other projects I keep coming back to feeling that we really had a great guild together. 


I wanted to update those of you that maybe still check this page as to what I've been up too. In my life, I've been working at a local college as a salaried position as their 'events person', in addition to my other work with concerts and festivals. Never a dull moment, but its been nothing short of interesting. I'm still hitting the gym and hitting the joints… still eating my pancakes… still being a sarcastic asshole whenever possible. 


But ya… so Warsong is RIP now which I know were all shocked by. NOS got shut down (good game). So wtf!? Wow wise I've actually been raiding on ArchAngel doing Tier 6. I'm in a guild called The People's Champion and its fun. Not the same but fun. Apparently Sunwell is going to be released on AA at some point this Summer (lol) and my plan right now is to raid that content while leading the charge in whatever guild I'm in at that point. I know we all have love and hate feeings about feenix (imairite?). Also that many of you have done the AA thing and are burned out on that, but I want to extend an invitation to any of you to come raid with me on AA if you looking for something to do. 



Miss you guys. Velcie 1# tank on Feenix. Fuck you Fritzi. Free Nilly. Toast ToAST TOAAAST. I like pancakes. Just as deadly. Thats literally the whole fight. GZ KILROY!

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